Kick! Punch! It’s all in the mind!

For obvious reasons Dwarfs make the best Brewmasters, so when Pike and I rolled a couple of Monks I chose Dorf as my race. I quickly found that the best reference to anything in WoW is sitting down there in Coldridge Valley.

This is a reference to Parappa the Rapper in the Year of Our Lord 2012.

Based on this alone I’d be quite happy to call Pandamans a shining success, but as it turns out absolutely everything about this expansion I’ve seen so far is solid goddamn gold. I’ve no doubt my dear co-blogger Pike will have a lot more to say on the subject seeing as she is the one who is actually good at this videogame, so I shan’t go into it in too much detail, but I cannot stop playing this freaking game. Would you like to know more? Well then, let’s consider that the Panda Inn music is peerless:

Just wait until the kazoo kicks in.

Oh, and Pokewow? The thing I long scorned as a shameless gimmick intended to bring in people who would otherwise have no interest in the game? I was COMPLETELY WRONG in every way. Pet Battles is absolutely freaking insanely brilliant and addictive and anytime I find myself at a loss for other stuff to do, welp, time to set REAPER PRIME on some chumps. (REAPER PRIME is a Tiny Harvester about ten inches tall.) And I think that’s the key to what MoP has done right – there’s a huge variety of things to do open to you and a lot of them require minimal investment of time to get started. For all the old man “danged kids” lamenting Pike and myself do I have to admit I’m pretty glad to see the narrow idea of what endgame is in the past.

I should go play some bad games so I stop fanboying over stuff but, heck, I just want to enthuse about how great videogames are so here we are, with constant posts about great games!

4 thoughts on “Kick! Punch! It’s all in the mind!”

  1. I must agree. Cataclysm had burned me out and I felt for sure that I’d be done after buying MoP just to check it out. Not at all. MoP managed to reignite the passion I had for the game and the entirety of Pandaria is just extremely well done. Pet battles are addicting as hell and for those of you who have “Gottacatchemall-itis” you’ll find yourself all over the corners of Azeroth.

    P.S. Every single pet in the pet journal has some sort of flavor text. Have fun with that.

  2. I’m one of the…geez, iono, I’ve seen opinions all over the place so far regarding Pandaland…silent major minortity? Well anyway, as a progression raider, I’m not overly thrilled with the game, but it’s alright. I don’t feel at home in Pandaria, I don’t like the fact that the VP vendor is now gated, the Jade Forest was just beyond bizarre for the Horde, and even though it kind of settled down after that into a recognizable levelling pattern, I’m not connecting with our new Panda overlords at all. At the same time…hey, it’s WoW. We’ll be raiding again soon, hopefully I’ll be able to VP cap w/ just dungeons and raids, and, god-willing, the same soul who today realized that gating the JP vendor was a horrific idea will realize the same about VP gear and its vendors too.

    BUT. But. MoP does have one thing that…I can’t quit it. Ever. And you, dear M.A., were good enough to put it in this post.

    Chinese Polka at the inns? Oh lordy, sign me up. =)

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