SimCity 5 – Is This the Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?

There is a big big BIG rumor going around right now that Maxis has got SimCity 5 in the works. Now as you may recall, Mr. Adequate and I are rather devout fans of this series, so upon hearing this we did some digging around and discovered this very roughly translated article (from German) as well as pictures which, from what we can tell, are concept art.

Very lovely concept art! (All dem delicious curvy roads)

Supposedly we’re going to get confirmation and more details in the coming weeks, so in the meantime all we can do is speculate and feverishly hope that this isn’t going to turn into Spore or SimCity Societies.

What do you want to see in SimCity 5? Besides more Arcologies, I mean. Because we always need more Arcologies.

3 thoughts on “SimCity 5 – Is This the Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?”

  1. SC1 & 2k were played ceaselessly by me back in the day. And I mean ceaselessly literally, I would sometimes leave the cities running over night ticking away income cos my puter was so slow it took forever for a year to pass.

    SC3 & 4… they just never got me. Sure they looked nicer, in a way, but they just piled on the complexity a wee bit too much. And no Arkies?? WHY????

    Oh, and being EA-games now it will prolly be Origin exclusive, at first at any rate. I’m staying away from that.

    But I’ll look forward to your reviews and pics! :)

  2. This doesn’t look like concept art to me (grid lines on a concept?).
    Well, not that my PC would be able to handle this game anyway, just like Markus I’m looking forward to more pictures and reviews – from you two as well.

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